The company IMPULS AD - Gabrovo is an independent joint stock company, whose activity is production and trade in the country and abroad in the field of mechanical engineering, medical equipment, production of tools and others.

Industrial production is parts and assemblies for large enterprises on the basis of long-term contracts.

The distribution of the company's capital is as follows:

  • 78.08% - workers' and management company "Impuls - 98" AD;
  • 15.15% - company KHS - Germany;
  • 6.77% - shares of individuals;

Workers' and Management Company "Impuls - 98" AD;

Company KHS - Germany

Shares of individuals


Major clients: 

  • Compnay KHS GmbH - Dortmund - Germany - Manufacturer of machines and installations for the food industry;
  • Compnay Walter AG Tübingen - Germany - Manufacturer of tools and tooling;
  • Compnay Medacta International SA - Switzerland - Manufacturer of medical equipment
  • Compnay LMT Group - Germany - Manufacturer of threading and specialized tools and tooling.

 For the production of the above products, units and details the company has the necessary technological equipment and can perform the necessary technological processes. 

  The structure of the company consists of three main and one auxiliary workshop, covering the following production areas: 

  •  Lathe - automatic section;
  •  Section of machines with Digital Program Control /DPC/;
  •  Punching section;
  •  Section for milling teeth;
  •  Thermal section;
  •  Galvanic section;
  •  Mechanical sections with universal metalworking machines;
  •  Mounting sections;
  •  Tool section;
  •  Repair section (electrical and mechanical);
  •  Monitoring laboratories; 
  •  Others. 

For mechanical processing of parts and assemblies there is a large number of various universal metalworking machines. In addition, there is a section with high-performance lathes with DPC and machining centers with DPC. Many of them have the ability for 5-axis simultaneous processing. There are specialized sections for gear milling of small-modular gears, vortex threading, thread erosion, gear finishing.     

For other types of processing the company has a thermal section (with possibilities for: heat treatment - processes - annealing, normalization, hardening, annealing; chemical-thermal treatment - cementation, nitriding), and a galvanic section (passivation of stainless steel, chrome plating, oxidation, electropolishing of stainless steel, anodizing of aluminum in sulfuric acid, abrasive treatment with glass beads). 

The entire production process, control and acceptance tests are performed according to current standards.

 In the specialized laboratories all the inspections provided for in the technical documents of the details and units are performed.

 The company has implemented and certified a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2015.

Management declares its commitment to its customers, staff, partners and society through the announced quality policy.